Gearing up for MOOC number two

Courtesy of Adam Lark

Courtesy of Adam Lark

Last August I participated in MOOC MOOC (a Massive Open Online Course about Massive Open Online Courses). This month, I signed up for #etmooc, a connectivist MOOC (cMOOC) which begins today and runs for ten weeks with a focus on educational technology.

As of January 12, #etmooc had over 1200 registrants worldwide.  I’m looking forward to networking online and learning more about what others are doing with educational technology.  More specifically, I’m interested in technology that can help librarians integrate interactive learning experiences in the online course environment. How can we transfer what we do during in-library research instruction to online courses?  I’m also looking forward to trying out new tech tools (see my next post).

Stay tuned for updates on my second MOOC adventure.

P.S. – I’m aware of the controversies surrounding what a MOOC is or isn’t, whether they are the angels or anathema of higher education, and whether MOOCs are another educational fad. My philosophy about using technology in education is that your goals, regardless of environment or tools, come first and technology should be chosen in service of those goals.  Yes, some people and organizations are putting the MOOC before the horse, but that doesn’t mean the concept should be dismissed.

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